Our Services

Here at ShopsMat, we provide a wide range of services ranging from our Direct Hire platform, to freight, shipping, and transportation. Whatever your needs, ShopsMat is guaranteed to have experts providing third party services in our databases.

Direct Hire
The ShopsMat Direct Hire marketplace is just that! A direct marketplace platform where users can search through an endless number of various criteria to find the right person for the right job. By utilizing the ShopsMat Direct Hire marketplace, users gain instant access to thousands of contract workers from a wide variety of industries and areas of specializations ranging from photography services, to carpentry services, to healthcare services.
Whatever your need, use the ShopsMat Direct Hire marketplace to find the worker of your choice, connect with them directly to discuss your required services and pricing, and then let them fulfill your needs through their expert services.
Our Direct Hire marketplace currently features service providers from various industries like:

    •      Care
    •    Carpentry
    •    Cleaning
    •    Domestic Jobs
    •    Electrician Specialists
    •    Event Management
    •    Gardening
    •    Beautician
    •    Housing
    •    Information Technology
    •    Photography
    •    Videography
    •    Safety
    •    Systems & Networking
    •    Automotive Services
    •    Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Here at ShopsMat, we’re changing the e-commerce world by providing a platform for service providers to connect with service seekers easily, efficiently, and effectively. Our platform fosters a space of true transparency so that users always know what to expect when shopping on ShopsMat and when teaming up with ShopsMat contractors.


ShopsMat serves as your point of contact to connect with various freight, shipping, and transportation logistics service providers who can ship your goods all over the world. For businesses, determining just how to sell your goods across continental lines could be a daunting challenge, but with ShopsMat, you now have a one-stop solution.
Instantly connect with various freight logistics providers directly and inquire for yourself about the types of services you need.
We currently maintain connections with third party providers of:
•    Land Freight
    •    Sea Freight
    •    Air Freight
    •    Container Service
    •    Shared Container Shipping
    •    Shipping Agents
    •    Door-2-Door Shipments
    •    Perishable Shipments
    •    Warehousing

Here at ShopsMat, we’re looking to facilitate the exchange of goods on a global scale. In 2018, businesses should have all of the resources they need to ensure the sale of their goods all across the global marketplace. ShopsMat is making it all possible.


Let freight, shipping, and transportation logistics agents bid directly to earn your business. Save your much-needed time and finances by utilizing the ShopsMat digital platform to facilitate your transactions. In the year 2018, it’s worth it.
ShopsMat currently supports freight, shipping, and transportation logistics agents in the following industries:
    •    Chemicals
    •    Finished Goods
    •    Industrial Materials
    •    Machinery
    •    Metals
    •    Non-Chemicals
    •    Raw Materials


ShopsMat supports a wide range of third party contractors who specialize in all areas of cleaning and maintenance. To help our users with their day to day house cleaning, industrial cleaning, office cleaning, or building maintenance, ShopsMat maintains a database of third party service providers looking to connect directly with their clients.
Even in your absence, ShopsMat can care for your house. View our currently supported cleaning services:
    •    A/C Cleaning
    •    Boiler Cleaning & Repair
    •    Carpet Cleaning
    •    Ceiling Cleaning & Services
    •    Cleaning Clubs
    •    Hospital Cleaning
    •    Hotel Cleaning
    •    Industrial Cleaning
    •    Heavy Machinery Maintenance
    •    Venue Cleaning
    •    Window Cleaning
    •    Pool Cleaning & Maintenance
    •    Factory Maintenance & Cleaning
    •    House Cleaning
    •    Office Cleaning
All of our service providers are specialists and experts within their own industries, with each providing top-notch professional cleaning and maintenance services that you can depend on.


If you’re looking for a building contractor, an architectural engineer, a design specialist, or any other type of housing service, ShopsMat has what you need. Showcase your home’s inner beauty with the third-party service providers listed on our platform.
    •    Architectural Design
    •    Brick Laying
    •    Carpet Fitting
    •    Curtain Fitting
    •    Decorative Painting
    •    House Painting
    •    Tile Laying
    •    Interior Designing
    •    Plumbing
Every service provider listed on the ShopsMat platform is fully certified, experienced, and specialized in their respective industries. They provide top-notch professional services for the valued users of the ShopsMat platform.


In today’s world, good care is hard to come by. For children, the sick, and the elderly, it can be difficult to find suitable care at an affordable cost. Here on the ShopsMat platform, you will find a large and diverse group of caregivers and service providers, ultimately geared towards improving the lives of others.
Each of our care providers are fully certified, expertly trained, and highly experienced in their respective fields and are fully backed by the ShopsMat platform. Remember, here at ShopsMat, transparency is always of the utmost importance, and when it comes to your loved ones, we want our users to rest assured knowing that they made the right choice to shop on ShopsMat.
Search our platform to find caring souls for your loved ones:
    •    Childcare
    •    Elderly Care


For most people, their vehicle is their second home. And for some, their vehicle may even cost as much as their home, if not more! That is precisely why ShopsMat was sure to include a massive list of vehicle service providers to ensure that our users can truly find every third-party service provider they could ever possibly need directly in the palm of their hands.
Search our vehicle service provider listings to gain instant access to automotive service providers specializing in a range of different services and processes.
    •    Car Painting
    •    Car Repair
    •    Car Washing
    •    Vehicle Towing
Gone are the days where you had to go off of referrals to find the trusting services that you seek. Through our platform, instantly connect with automotive workshop owners and workers to ensure that they’re the right fit for the right job. Don’t take your car for granted; ensure it’s treated with the right materials and the right care that it deserves through the ShopsMat platform.