Trust & Transparency

At ShopsMat, we provide our users with a Direct Hire platform specifically designed to provide a heightened level of trust and transparency between service seekers and service providers. Online shopping has frequently been veiled by fake companies, scammers, and others looking to cheat the system. Through the ShopsMat platform, we uphold trust, honesty, and transparency above all else to ensure safe, efficient, and hassle-free business transactions between our users and service providers.
When shopping for services through ShopsMat, we want our users to understand that we only source from proven, established service providers whose success is driven by real customer results and reviews. You can connect with and interact with these service providers to determine for yourself if their services are right for you.
In addition, ShopsMat wants our users to trust us as a company as well, in addition to our third-party service providers. Every member of our team is fully dedicated to fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision by providing a trustworthy and transparent customer experience.