ShopsMat is a multi hosting online marketplace that provides the technology for hosting, selling and booking of services through third parties. The platform was born out of necessity to fulfill a massive void within the current e-commerce marketplace. When it comes to online shopping, there are tons of different platforms that specialize in a small subset of services, but none that feature such a wide variety like ShopsMat. By creating a direct marketplace where users can connect with, interact with, and negotiate with service providers across a massive selection of goods and services, we are changing the way that consumers search for goods and service providers. 
Here at ShopsMat, we only source from true service providers who provide high quality goods and services that can benefit our user-base. Through our services, we facilitate the exchange of goods and services from qualified and proven service providers so that our clients can rest assured knowing that they made the right decision to shop on ShopsMat.

Our Mission

Here at ShopsMat, we aim to change the way that consumers shop for goods and services online. We’re curating an entirely new online shopping experience that our consumers can actually feel. It’s more than just an imagination; it’s a digital escape. 
The world of online shopping is ultra-competitive and ultra-saturated, with little room left for independent service providers. Our Direct Hire e-commerce platform provides a digital solution where consumers can find dedicated and proven service providers specializing in nearly every industry imaginable. By allowing our users to connect with and communicate with their service providers, we provide an elevated level of transparency, so consumers can be sure they are receiving exactly what they are seeking.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as more than just another e-commerce digital shopping platform. In our minds, ShopsMat is a facilitator of online shopping exchanges. We want to make it easier for people to receive the goods and services they need and simpler for businesses to sends their goods all throughout the world to increase their customer base. It’s 2018, and business doesn’t need to be that hard anymore. By providing a digital solution, ShopsMat is changing the way we shop online.